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Microsoft's Competitors

Since Microsoft is a well known company and as a result of the varied nature of its products and services, the company is facing tough competition in a variety of key technological sectors. Indeed, some of the most popular technology firms of the industry are Microsoft Corporation's key competitors. The list below includes famous global brands that compete with Microsoft in terms of sales and revenue.

Microsoft is a solution for your company

Microsoft is a technology company whose mission is to empower every person on the planet and every organization. Indeed, Microsoft is committed to developing the world's first-class networks and productivity services, hence its productivity solutions are very important and benefit all types of users as it offers digital transformation with the smart cloud and smart edge era, and as we share the same aim of Microsoft, our online platform is dedicated to provide all the Microsoft products you need and desire to enhance your productivity and get ahead of your game.

We enable Innovation and good quality

We believe that technology can and should be an efficient implement, and that significant change can and will lead to a brighter future in both large and small ways, hence, we guarantee efficiency, productivity, protection and accessibility. We do provide high quality products as well as we do take it seriously if one customer encounters a problem with any of our software, and like Microsoft we provide good services to make it very easy and secure to purchase software. So avoid the risk, stay safe and buy real real apps.

Microsoft products are dedicated for everyone

Microsoft products are dedicated for literally everyone, if you are a company, a student, a teacher or an entrepreneur, you can use Microsoft products to help you achieve your goals and meet deadlines. We offer stable, private and reliable computing experience based on sound business practices. All your needs and targets are achievable thanks to the effective tools and functionalities included in all Microsoft products that provide solutions for all kinds of activities to go further and be successful in all fields.

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Important selling

We believe that technology is a strong force for good and work for a sustainable future, in which everyone has access to technology's challenges and benefits. We provide a huge number of Microsoft’s genuine products daily and we offer customers and companies computer equipment, cloud systems and services, applications and other products.

Continuous updates

There are always updates, especially in Windows Operating systems. Microsoft doesn’t only sell the product as it is, once there is a new update, your software will be renewed so that you can be always up to date.

Diversity of tools and inclusion

In order to educate, question and extend your thoughts and ideas, Microsoft engages its employees and customers' expertise, talents and diverse perspectives providing innovative tools and functionalities.

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What’s new in Word 2019?

Microsoft's newest edition of Office 2019, featuring a more advanced implementation of Word 2019. Create, write and post documents on Microsoft's most current word processor, Word 2019. The published product has improved the features of this program but it remains similar to its original layout. Work with colleagues on a paper in real-time to make improvements with limited hassle. You can see who edited the item, and even comment as you move along. The software changes itself automatically, and you can edit a file quickly and seamlessly. The all-new conversion method removes language barriers. This functionality helps you to convert short sentences or the whole website into a foreign language, meaning you don't have to spend time using external apps. Set the language of proofing to every one of those included in the broad Word accessory box. Send out a beautifully polished text and please the receiver without any spelling or grammatical mistakes. It may be straining to read lengthy essays or other boring texts. Adjust the width and color of the screen spacing to allow your eyes a rest. Feeling tired? The software will interpret the text and make it much easier for you to learn those late-night study sessions. Do not underestimate the quality of this program as Word 2019 processor. Using the LaTeX and 3D images makes this program an effective learning resource. Let the idea come alive with 3D modeling and be able to write calculations to modify any of the features. Some may contend that these apps are too complicated, but Word remains still a clear forum for all the writing needs of your specific documents. Don’t underestimate this software’s capacity as a word processor. The addition of LaTeX and 3D images converts this application into a powerful learning tool. Bring your project to life with 3D models and being able to write formulas to alter some of the models. Some may argue that these features are too elaborate, but Word remains a simple platform for all your basic document writing needs as well.

What you still don’t know about Excel 2019?

Excel has the most comprehensive set of new technologies of all the Office 2019 programs. Many of the enhancements are within additional features such as Power Pivot and Get & Transform, but there are plenty of enhancements to make the average user smile as well, such as new functions and chart types. This post discusses some of the best new functionality in Excel and demonstrates how to use them. Although Excel 2019 has hundreds of features, if you ask any regular Excel users, they'll be happy to tell you about some complex kludge they've needed to construct in order to get a response because there's no feasible feature that does that. The latest enhancements introduced in Excel 2019 seek to fix some of the most frequent concerns.

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The powerful presentation program PowerPoint 2019

Microsoft's PowerPoint 2019 is without doubt one of Office's most powerful and commonly used programs. Everyone at one stage should make use of the PowerPoint, from helping users arrange maps, figures, facts and details, to helping presenters pass on details to an audience in the easiest and most visually attractive manner. There are more than 500 million PowerPoint users using the program, with over 300 million presentations generated every day. Nonetheless, from 1984 (when the first program was rolled out) to today, the app's functionality and goal have changed a lot. Firstly, it was designed for "managers, experts, technical employees and salesmen. Now it's for everyone to apply. And although the core methods of arranging meetings are still in use, there have been several changes in functionality.