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How to Install and Activate Windows Server 2022

Rada Rada
  • Introduction :

    Windows Server 2022 is the most recent on-premises version of Windows Server. It will receive 10 years of support as Microsoft has designated it as a Long Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) release. Additionally, it comes with a variety of additional management, security, and containerization features.

    We'll be going over installation and activation instructions for Windows Server 2022 in this article.

    1. Requirements

      • Processor - 1.4 GHz 64-bit processor
      • RAM - 512 MB Disk Space - 32 GB
      • Network - Gigabit (10/100/1000baseT) Ethernet adapter
      • Installation media
    2. Steps to follow

      • Install Windows Server 2022:

        Having used the installation media to boot, we can now begin installing.

        1. After choosing your language, time zone, and keyboard layout, hit "Next."

          Windows Server 2022

        2. Proceed by clicking on Install Now

          Windows Server 2022

        3. Click “Next” after choosing the edition you want to install.

          Windows Server 2022

        4. Hit “Next” after having read and accepted the applicable notices and license terms.

          Windows Server 2022

        5. Select "Custom" to proceed with the Windows Server 2022 installation.

          Before you begin the installation, backup of all your files because you are doing a clean installation.

          Without changing your settings, files or programs, the "Upgrade" option will upgrade your operating system.

          Windows Server 2022

        6. Click “Next” after selecting the partition you wish to install Windows Server 2022 on.

          You can format the partition and then hit “Next” if you want to perform a clean installation. Additionally, you can make new partition(s) by erasing all of the existing ones.

          Windows Server 2022

        7. Allow a few minutes for installation to be complete.

          Windows Server 2022

          The system will reboot after finishing the installation automatically.

        8. To complete the Windows Server 2022 installation, configure your account.

          Windows Server 2022

          That's it! You now have successfully installed Windows Server 2022.

      • Activate Windows Server 2022:

        In order to Windows Server 2022, please perform the following steps:

        1. Go to your start menu, do a right-click, and select Settings

          Windows Server 2022

        2. After clicking on Update and Security, select Activation.

          Windows Server 2022

        3. Enter your "25 characters license key" after clicking on change my product key.

          Now hit “Next” to finish activating your Windows Server 2022.

          Windows Server 2022

        4. Hurray! You have activated your Windows Server 2022.

          Windows Server 2022

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