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How to download and Install TeamViewer

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  • Introduction :

    TeamViewer is a computer application that provides remote access and control of computers and other devices. It is commonly used for IT professional maintenance or remote support.

    1. Requirements

    2. Steps to follow

      • Let’s start with downloading TeamViewer :

        1. Here is the download link, click on it to start the download: here

          There should be a bar at the bottom of chrome showing the download process like this:


          You should see a similar prompt come up if you are using a different browser like Mozilla FireFox or Microsoft Edge.

          After a few seconds, or minutes depending on your internet speed, the download should be done, after this you want to click on the downloaded file shown in the picture above, after clicking it it should say “Opening TeamViewer_Setup.exe”

      • TeamViewer Installation:

        1. Once Teamviewer Setup is launched, choose “default installation”, you should see this:


          If, in case, the choice is set to anything other than “default installation” please change it to be exactly like in the photo above, then click “Accept - next” at the bottom right corner of the software, if the software asks for permission to install, click “yes”.

          Once the installation is done, you should see this:


          Please pick the second choice like in the image, then hit “Finish”.

      • Using TeamViewer :

        1. Install Teamviewer on your pc, after that execute the program and you should see something like this


          The highlighted parts in yellow are the ID and Password, which are the credentials needed for technicians to establish a secure, monitored connection to your computer.

          NB: The password for remote access changes everytime TeamViewer is relaunched.