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How to Download, Install and Activate Outlook 2021

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  • Introduction :

    Microsoft Outlook helps you to send and receive email, manage your calendar, keep track of your contacts' names and phone numbers, and manage your projects.

    In this guide, we'll teach you how to download and install Outlook 2021.

    1. Requirements

    2. Steps to follow

      • Download Outlook 2021

        1. After you've received your order, proceed to the Microsoft Outlook 2021 download page.

          Allow for the download to finish, which may take a few minutes.

          Download Outlook 2021

        2. Go to your download location to mount and install Outlook 2021.

          Download Outlook 2021

        3. You may open the ISO file using one of two methods:

          • Method 1:

            Select "Mount" from the menu when right-clicking the downloaded file.

            Download Outlook 2021

          • Method 2:

            Select "Open with" from the context menu when right-clicking the downloaded file, then "Windows Explorer."

            Download Outlook 2021

      • Install Outlook 2021

        You're ready to proceed once you've downloaded and mounted the Outlook 2021 file. Open the installation folder to begin installing Outlook 2021.

        Please follow these instructions to install Outlook 2021:

        1. Double-click Setup to begin the installation.

          Install Outlook 2021

          Install Outlook 2021

        2. Let's see how long it takes to complete the installation

          Install Outlook 2021

        3. Click Close after you're finished with the installation.

      • Activate Outlook 2021

        1. To activate Outlook 2021, we must first open Outlook.

          Activate Outlook 2021

        2. Enter and authenticate your license key to activate Outlook 2021.

          Activate Outlook 2021

        3. Done! Outlook 2021 is already up and running. You may now send and receive an infinite number of emails while also managing your contacts and calendar.

          Install Outlook 2021

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