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How to Download, Install and Activate Access 2013

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  • Introduction

    Introduction: Microsoft Access is a relational database management tool that enables you to store information for referencing, reporting, and analyzing.

    In this article, we'll walk you through the procedures of downloading, installing, and activating Access 2013. Beginners can benefit from this guide as well.

    1. Requirements

    2. Steps to follow

      • Download Access 2013

        1. As soon as you receive your order, click on the download link to start downloading your Microsoft Access 2013.

          Please Wait for the download, it may take a few minutes.

          Download Access 2013

        2. Once the downloading is finished, click the download link to begin installing Microsoft Access 2013.

          Download Access 2013

        3. You can open the ISO file using one of the three methods below:

          • Method 1:

            Right-click the downloaded file and choose "Mount"

            Download Access 2013

          • Method 2:

            You may alternatively right-click the downloaded file, choose "Open with," and then pick "Windows Explorer."

            Download Access 2013

          • Method 3:

            If you don’t have the “Mount” option, you can use any software for mounting ISO file such as Virtual CloneDrive You can download and install from here:

            Download Access 2013

          • Once the installation is finished, go to your download folder, then double click on the Access 2013 file to mount.

      • Install Access 2013

        After you've downloaded and mounted the Access 2013 file. To begin the installation, open the installation folder.

        Please follow the instructions below to install Your Access 2013:

        1. To start the installation, double-click Setup

          Install Access 2013

          Install Access 2013

        2. Let’s wait until the installation of Access 2013 is finished.

          Install Access 2013

        3. The installation is now finished. Click on Close.

          Install Access 2013

      • Activate Access 2013

        1. First, we should launch Access 2013 to activate it

          Activate Access 2013

        2. To activate Access 2013, insert your product key (25 characters). Then click on Next.

          Activate Access 2013

        3. Your Access 2013 has been successfully installed and activated. You are now able to utilize your Access 2013.

          Install Access 2013

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