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Due to some confusion a different product was delivered instead of the one I had ordered. The support group at Productkey24 was highly responsive in correcting the problem. When problems occur, it is important that they be resolved quickly and properly. Productkey24 exceeded my expectations in this regard. I highly appreciate the service and recommend Productkey24.
I was having problems with my computer and downloading. They helped me work out the problems and get everything downladed and even offered to upgrade my package after a mistake on their end. Amazing customer service, and shoutout to Vanessa J. specifically for being so helpful!
MY CPU was blown up by a virus. I needed to reinstall Win 7 SP1 asap. Windows and Dell suggested kite flying. The virus erased the original product key. I downloaded the software in the middle of the night. Using my Win 10 machine the software downloaded seamlessly and the key worked like a charm. I was also able to burn copies of the software. I HIGHLY recommend these folks. I am back up and running. Very happy with their service.
I just listened to a NPR podcast about founder of JetBlue - his motto is that when something goes wrong, it's an opportunity for a business to create a loyal customer by making it right. That is what Productkey24 did for me today. Between a software incompatibility issue to an email issue, customer service person, Victoria Hudson, stayed with me. She made sure that each issue was corrected and I received what I was promised. I truly appreciated her help.
I was a little apprehensive initially since the price of my Windows 10 purchase was significantly below the competition. The process was flawless! Their service excellence skills are exceptional, the download and installation was extremely simple - and I'm not tech savvy. I'm a customer for life!
great teamwork to satisfy the customer

I really appreciate the efforts of the team working together and simultaneously to satisfy the customers.Soon as I asked for assistance to install my software, the chat agent, and the technical support intervened and helped me. Very grateful for the whole team! Thanks