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SQL Server 2019

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SQL Server 2019, your efficient work partner

Microsoft SQL Server is a database management system (DBMS) that allows storage and information sharing in the database while ensuring quality, durability, and confidentiality. After launching many versions, Microsoft shipped its new SQL Server, Windows SQL Server 2019. This latter incorporates new features and amendments for performance, safety, and increased workload data. SQL Server 2019 allows users to add SQL Server, HDFS, and Spark containers with the new big data cluster function. SQL Server 2019, also, contains column store index generation, reconstruction, and static data masking. Accelerated data recovery is also a new feature that can carry out and undo the redo phase of the log sequence number of the oldest page. For example, this is done when the user closes an application that has been operating for a long time, so the user does not have to wait too long to close the application. Below we will help you find out more about our newly launched Microsoft SQL Server 2019.

SQL Server 2019 Top Features

  • Data Virtualization
  • Large Data Clusters
  • Graphical functionalities
  • Improved indexing
  • Great performance
  • Strong Capabilities
  • Always On Availability Groups
  • Accelerated Database Recovery (ADR)

Let's find out more about SQL Server 2019 features


Data Virtualization and Large Data Clusters

Companies choose to run massive data groups that are integrated into company data sources and contain more data assets. With SQL Server 2019, you will get a near-real-time overview of all data and even big data clusters. The software extends a full environment for using large data sets, including machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities.


Large data Handling feature

The SQL Server 2019 edition fundamentally deals with big data workloads by integrating two significant tools, Apache Spark, "Apache Spark" for distributed computing framework and Hadoop system for the distributed file system. Their interaction with Kubernetes software makes it potential to process workloads locally and through several public clouds.


Graphical functionalities

SQL Server 2019 extends many benefits of more expanded functions in graphics processing. It is also interesting: SQL Server 2019 backs direct execution of Java code. By using the same infrastructure for Python and R, it is a stellar asset for machine learning services.


Microsoft enhances Strong Capabilities

When companies purchase Microsoft SQL Server 2019 they do not only want to save money, but they also want to profit from the fact that Microsoft takes full benefits of the main advantages of the former version and makes further improvements in the 2019 version. Therefore, Microsoft SQL Server 2019 extends a wider range of graphics processing functions. It is also interesting: now it props direct execution of Java code too. By leveraging the same infrastructure that still applies to Python and R, it is a superb asset for machine learning services.


Great performance

SQL Server 2019 also depends on the positive features of the old version and further boosts it. SQL Server 2019 extends a certain comprehensive graphics processing function. SQL Server 2019 extends interesting Java application direct execution functions, which is officially propped. Thanks to SQL Server 2019, you can use the same architecture that is actually valid for Python and R languages. SQL Server 2019 is a premium platform for machine learning services.


Improved indexing

SQL Server 2019 provides more secure indexing, and its engine can regain all data in the event of index failure or failure, without the need for an administrator to start the full process from scratch. To save time and effort, SQL Server 2019 can now be used to suspend or even cancel the indexing process without affecting pre-existing indexes.


Additional features in Linux

SQL Server 2017 can already operate SQL Server on Linux, but this version does not comprise all the advantages provided by DBMS. SQL Server 2019 adds some fresh features, including support for copying data from SQL Server Agent Task Scheduler and making certified container images available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux distributions.


The Always On Availability Groups

SQL Server 2019 incorporates the Always On Availability Groups feature, a disaster recovery solution introduced in SQL Server 2012, which extends a host of options that can enhance database availability and resource utilization. While SQL Server 2017 only granted three synchronous replicas, SQL Server 2019 increases the number to five, with a single primary replica and up to four secondary replicas.

Different SQL Server 2019 editions

SQL Server 2019

SQL Server 2019 Standard

Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard is a SQL language DBMS (database management system) that allows you to generate and run databases in a structured and organized way. Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard gives you access to all the advantages of the former versions, including Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Standard and Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Standard, while enjoying many enhancements of Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard. Get SQL Server 2019 and you will be able to benefit from a high-performance, most advanced data platform.

SQL Server 2019 Standard (2 Core)

SQL Server 2019 Standard (2 Core)

Windows Server 2019 Standard 2 Core is Microsoft's SQL Server 2019 Standard second edition cloud-ready server operating system. Networking and managing such networks, as well as providing data and web hosting, are just a few of the tasks that your company's server systems can handle. Windows Server 2019 standard 2 core includes many new features and offers, among other things, a new licensing model, which is now measured not on processors, but on cores. This latter requires at least 8 primary licenses per processor, 16 primary licenses per server. You will find more details on the license sheet.


Windows SQL 2019 Server grants you running many users at the same time and guarantees that transactions comply with the characteristics of the chosen isolation level. Locking protects data and internal resources, allowing multi-user systems to act as single-user systems. As long as your workload is not operating in a production environment, Microsoft SQL Server 2019 lets you operate workloads under Developer Edition.