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How to install Windows 10

Selim Reid
  1. Requirements

  2. Introduction

    With Windows 10 you are spoiled with plenty of choices. If you just bought your PC without any OS or you simply want to switch from an old version to Windows 10. Check the following blog article that would help you install your Windows 10 successfully.

    The Windows 10 Professional and Windows 10 Home has the same installation steps.

    How to set up your Windows 10 Operating system?

    1. The Upgrade method: is the act of a transition between 2 operating systems without losing any of the existing files on your device.

    2. Clean Installation: This strategy remains more steady. Yet, it is fundamental to back up all of your records to an external disk before starting the fresh installation process to avoid losing any of the existing files and thus formatting your disk partition.

  3. Follow the steps below in order to How to install Windows 10:

    1. Insert the USB stick or Windows 10 installation DVD disc and use this media to boot the computer.

    2. Enter the language, specify the time zone and confirm the type of keyboard used.

    3. windows-10-set-up

    4. « Install Now » Windows 10


    5. Insert your Windows 10 activation license key (if you don’t have yet you can purchase the activation license now from our website).


    6. Tick the I accept the license terms.


    7. Choose the "Upgrade" installation if you want to keep your files and settings, or "Custom" to install Windows only on an empty or formatted hard drive.


    8. In case you have chosen the "custom" installation, choose the hard disk or the partition system in which Windows 10 will be installed.


    9. The Windows 10 OS will start installing immediately and automatically after performing the previous steps.


    10. After finishing the Windows 10 installation process, your device will need to reboot, and you will receive some screen asking you to configure the Windows 10 computer.

    11. Finally, it is essential to install some drivers for hardware such as graphics cards, network cards, and wifi. This step is performed by going to the computer manufacturer's website in order to download the specific drivers for Windows 10.

      Well done!Congratulations! You have successfully completed your Windows 10 installation. Now enjoy using your new Windows 10 Operating System.

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