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How to install Office 2013

Microsoft Office 2013 apps
  1. Requirements

  2. Introduction

  3. Microsoft Office 2013 includes all Office 2013 applications with new and enhanced features. The user interface of Office 2013 presents a modern looking ribbon with a single color making it look flatter and easier to use especially with touch screen devices. Office 2013 presents the new Touch mode for reading Word documents. Now you can skim through documents easily on touch sensitive devices. This feature helps users to create documents in an easier way.

  4. Follow the steps below in order to install Office 2013 :

    1. Download the ISO file of Office 2013.

    2. If the file did not open, you can download and install an ISO file reader.

    3. Double click on the downloaded file of Office 2013 and click on the BD-ROM Drive.


    4. Select Open folder to view files

      setup office 2013 files

    5. Click on Setup to start the installation


    6. After reading the license agreement, click on “I accept the terms of this agreement”, and then click Continue.

      office 2013 accept-the-terms

    7. Click on Install Now.


      The installation might take a while, please wait a few minutes.

    8. Once Microsoft Office is installed, click on Close.


    Your Office 2013 is now successfully installed!

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