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How to download Office 2013 and Office 2016

Selim Reid

1. Introduction
2.Steps to download the Microsoft Office 2013 and the Office 2016
3. Read more


To download your Office 2013/2016 please go to Setup Please make sure that you have a Microsoft account if you do not own one please sign up for an account this is necessary.

installer Office

After you log in to your account, you will need to insert your activation license key

telecharger Office avec Setup

Please select the Country/Region and Language, and click NEXT.

clé activation windows 10

Once you finish entering the required information, press NEXT

** Please make sure that you install the correct --32/64version-- according to your Device architecture.**

** Don’t remember that you will need to download the compatible version to your activation license key.**

For example, the activation license key is Office 2016 Professional ---> download Office 2016 Professional.

Please Notice that it will give you the options to download other versions such as Office 2016 Professional Plus, However it will not be activated due to the incompatibility of the installed Office suite and the activation license key.

telecharger iso windows 10

Press next so the installation process will start immediately.

Great job! congrats! you have finsihed your Office 2016 installation effectively. Now benefit from using your own version of Office 2016 suite.


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