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How to activate Windows 10

Selim Reid
  1. Requirements

  2. Introduction

    To activate Windows 10 it is necessary to go through the two methods of activation. On the one hand, we will focus on Internet activation or online activation, on the other hand, we will proceed to telephone activation (phone). With the help of this article, we will discover how to activate Windows 10 and Windows 8.1, using the 2 methods the online and phone activation. Next, we will show you how to find the Microsoft Office phone numbers in your area, after which you need to call the phone activation center to activate your copy of Windows or you may just take a screen capture and email it to our customer service to help you activate your OS.

    Let’s take a look at how we can activate our copies of Windows 10 immediately.

  3. Follow the steps below in order to How to activate Windows 10:

    • Online activation:

      When the following screen is displayed please insert your Windows 10 activation license to activate your Operating System online.


    • Phone activation :

      To activate your copy of Windows 10 using the phone activation method there are 2 techniques to depend on :

      Method 1 to activate Windows 10:
    1. Click on "Start" and then on "Settings".

    2. Click on "Update and Security".


    3. Click "Activate Windows" or "Edit Product Key".


      In the Product Activation Wizard, please proceed as follows

    4. Click on "Call the Microsoft Activation Center"


    5. Click on the drop-down menu, select the location closest to you, then click on "Next".


    6. Call the Activation Center phone number displayed under Step 1.

    7. Type the installation id displayed under step 2 while you will be asked


    8. The vocal server of the telephone activation makes it possible to communicate to the users the id of confirmation which includes 8 groups to execute in the 3rd stage.


      Method 2 for Windows 10 activation:
    1. Otherwise, to make the phone activation of Windows 10 (or any other Windows), there is a 2nd method to activate your Windows via the phone:

    2. Please go to "Order Prompt" in the Accessories folder.

    3. Type "slui.exe 4" in the box exposed


      Perfect! Activation is successful Your Windows 10 system is now activated, so you just have to take advantage of its advanced features.

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